Now and then, officially or undercover, sous le manteau appears ... for one night, a week, a month and sometimes longer.

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x NY Pop-up store on Madison avenue

29 XI - 9 XII 2018

Featuring Photographer Kanak Guo and Designer Jaimal Odedra


x Kanak Guo
New photography series, XI 2018


x Jaimal Odedra


x Le Secret du Marais, Madrid since XI 2018


x Parfums Uniques, Munich since IX 2018


x Skins, Netherlands since VII 2018

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skins 6.png
skins 7.png

x laboratoire
24 rue Berthe, 75018 Paris

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x French Heritage Society, New York
5 VI 2018


x Sens Unique, Paris
II 2018

sens unique 1.png
sens unique 2.png

x Valentines Day
14 II 2018


x Maison 10
4 West 29th St. New York, NY 10001
1 XII 2017


x Edit 151
The Cube, 432 Park Ave, New York
16-17 XI 2017

edit151 x slm.jpg

x Le nouveau Printemps de la Beauté, Paris
Since IX 2017


 x 61 La Croisette, Cannes, 2-5 X 2017


x Pascal Perich
Film sous le manteau - IX 2017


 x Albertine,  Cultural Services of the French Embassy, New York/ 23 III 2017


x La Belle Parfumerie, Le Printemps
Spring 2017


x The Pierre Hotel, New York
The Essence of Love/ 4 II - 12 III 2017


x La Maison Souquet, Paris
7 XII 2016


x Pascal Perich
Commission of our first photography series - X 2016

Pascal is a New York based photographer and filmmaker originally from the Southwest of France. He specializes in portraiture photography and video, and he regularly collaborates with magazines as diverse as GQ, Vanity Fair, Men's Vogue, Time, and Financial Times, in addition to French press Le Monde and Telerama. In his work, he questions the real value of the subjective representation of a person within photography or film.


x Nuit Blanche, Paris, 1 X 2016
De Amore